Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Friday Confessional

I confess:::: I'm a little intimidated about this whole blog thing! I'm still unsure about what all to talk about and how to make my blog my "own"
I confess:::: I really need to lose some weight! These past few weeks, actually almost 2 months have been so pathetic. I've studied, ate,cleaned, played with my puppy, visited family, ate, taken my registry exams, cooked a lot, ate a! Hopefully now that I will be getting a job soon and work 12 hour shifts, I'll be shedding some lbs before 03/31/12

I confess::::: I'm a little excited to start my fall semester. I've been so bored after taking my registry exams, I'm ready to start learning some more!!! 

I confess::::: I'm absolutely completely in love and head over heals with my puppy Callie. We have been through so much with her for the past like 3 months. We had her literally THREE days and one of our precious  little kitties scratched her eye!!! So almost 20 vet appointments later and 3 surgeries/procedures later...she is blind in her left eye and has a pretty cool story to share. But she's happy, healthy and definitely does not let it hinder her puppy antics.
I confess:::: I'm a nervous wreck about starting a new job!!! Especially where I will be completely on my own. I love independence but it will take me some time to build up my confidence on my own especially going to patient's homes. Pray for me! 

I confess:::: My first Friday Confessional was pretty fun!!! Maybe next time I'll have some more interesting dirty confessions.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Designs

So I've spent the past two hours trying to figure out how the hell to edit the background, header, etc on this blog. At first I thought, "Oh yea this will be just like myspace used to be" Either I'm completely computer illiterate or it is quite tricky. If anyone has any tips on how to center my blog title more or just ideas in general that you see I need to fix let me know. This blog will be a work in progress...

So today I got called by the hospital here in town and am going next week to fill more paperwork out and turn in my driver's license, SS card, CPR card, etc!!!  I had an interview a few weeks ago, but had to take my registry exams before I would hear anything back! I also have another job I'm possibly starting Monday! It's just a part time, possibly easy money job. Still more to find out Monday though. So far everything is looking good....

Time to talk wedding:::
We paid for the cake yesterday!!  Now I'm on a mission to find someone to make my groom's cake!! I've gotten 2 quotes so far and I wanted to die after I heard them. So I'm waiting for next quote from my future sister-in-law
cake vendor!! I'm started to get discouraged that my dream groom's cake is going to be ridiculously too expensive. 
We still haven't booked a DJ, but have an idea of who we are going to use..
My flowers are being made by a family friend!!! Here's a sneak peak:::
I'm so so so excited!! I still have so much to do for our wedding. I was very overwhelmed at first with this DIY wedding, but I have so many people helping and offering to help that I feel like I'm starting to enjoy the process a little more....if only my fiance could act like he cares even a smidgen!! 
But for now I'm just going to enjoy my mini break while I go home this weekend to visit my family. I have so much to do next week!! 
Here's a few pictures I'm using for wedding inspiration:::
 This next pic is ridiculously cute, but not something I would do::
Our colors are canary yellow and sage green btw...and our "theme" is spring, vintage, shabby chic, butterflies,! We don't have a set theme...

I love this inspiration collage::: go to this site to find more
I love love this idea::
I am trying to figure out how to use one of these since I am using artificial flowers and have a plastic bouquet holder...any ideas??
Well I'm done for now....seriously need to go to bed..long drive tomorrow!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Blog

This is my first blog post ever! Thanks to my future sister~in~law Samantha over at
I'm an official blogger now. Unfortunately I don't know of anything interesting I'm going to have to say! 
I'm engaged to my best friend (how cliche is that?) and our wedding date is March 31, 2012. I recently graduated for Respiratory Care and passed my registry exams. I'm now "enjoying" the unemployed life (not really) and waiting for the "perfect" job to come along. My ultimate goal is to get at least a BA in Social Work and work in an addiction clinic or with at risk youth. I love love love helping people and making a difference. I love love love love horses! They are one of my greatest passions. My deepest desire is to own one of these::
                                            a Tennessee Walking Horse OR
                                                         an  Arabian
OR both! I love the smooth ride of a Walking horse but I also love the beauty and stamina of an Arabian. 
I also must own one of these one day:::
Well not the orangutan, but the Blue tick Hound next to him! And since I love Tennessee Walking horses, blue tick hounds, country music....I must love.....

 Yes, I am a VOL. And no, you should not be sorry. Hopefully my first blog wasn't too boring. I'll leave ya'll with one last thing (I love pictures by the all my pictures are either my own or via google searches). This is our dream:::