Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Friday Confessional

I confess:::: I'm a little intimidated about this whole blog thing! I'm still unsure about what all to talk about and how to make my blog my "own"
I confess:::: I really need to lose some weight! These past few weeks, actually almost 2 months have been so pathetic. I've studied, ate,cleaned, played with my puppy, visited family, ate, taken my registry exams, cooked a lot, ate a! Hopefully now that I will be getting a job soon and work 12 hour shifts, I'll be shedding some lbs before 03/31/12

I confess::::: I'm a little excited to start my fall semester. I've been so bored after taking my registry exams, I'm ready to start learning some more!!! 

I confess::::: I'm absolutely completely in love and head over heals with my puppy Callie. We have been through so much with her for the past like 3 months. We had her literally THREE days and one of our precious  little kitties scratched her eye!!! So almost 20 vet appointments later and 3 surgeries/procedures later...she is blind in her left eye and has a pretty cool story to share. But she's happy, healthy and definitely does not let it hinder her puppy antics.
I confess:::: I'm a nervous wreck about starting a new job!!! Especially where I will be completely on my own. I love independence but it will take me some time to build up my confidence on my own especially going to patient's homes. Pray for me! 

I confess:::: My first Friday Confessional was pretty fun!!! Maybe next time I'll have some more interesting dirty confessions.


  1. I feel so much love for my sweet Coco, never thought i would be one of THOSE dog lovers but she is my little fur baby!

    Thanks so much for joining in, I hope to see your confessions weekly...

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    I fixed your link for this week, so if you could just remember for next time that would be great!!

    Thanks for understanding!

  2. Oh your poor puppy! Dang kitties can be so mean! [I have 2 & the older one is a sassy little biotch sometimes.]

    Good luck with the new job!

  3. Your poor baby!! So glad she's ok. What a traumatizing thing to happen so soon after getting her!