Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Wednesday!

It's already the middle of the week! So far this week I went to a "training session" for a new job I am starting on Monday. It is related to home health care. I spent time with my wonderful MOH! Tuesday I spent all day with my fiance running errands and lounging around our apartment. Today I went to the hospital here and had a second "interview"  which sounded very promising and I should know by next week if I have the job! I made a ton of phone calls today too for wedding stuff and new job appointments (ie finger printing, drug testing, and immunizations!!). And it's only Wednesday! Still so much to do tomorrow and Friday...but I'm looking forward to dinner with my future sister-in-law and my fiance's brother Friday. And this weekend with family in Palatka! 
We also have to go look at the location for our reception and rehearsal this weekend. I am going to take pictures of every angle so I can plan my decorations and table placements. 

All of a sudden...I have SEC fever!!! I'm so ready to watch the VOLs kick some butt this season...especially the Gators Plus fall is such a fun time of year! Football, changing weather (not good for health care workers though....), time change, Thanksgiving, fall decorations, pumpkin pie!!! and the evenings that get cooler and more tolerable here in sunny Florida..Plus I'm about to start my last semester at the local college and we are looking for houses! And we have 2 weddings this fall!!
I wish Florida looked like this in the Fall::
More exciting news!!! My puppy Callie is finally getting house training..we hadn't had any accidents in about 5 days including the weekend when we stayed at my Grandmas!! Last night we had two slip ups but it was horrible outside, I mean would YOU want to go outside while it's popping lightening and pouring down rain??She did not...
That's it for now...I'll try to update after our vet appointment Friday!

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  1. Cant wait for dinner. Bring her tmrw if her eye is better :)