Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Updates & an Awesome Weekend

This weekend was by far one of the best in awhile. Friday night we visited David's brother and his fiance, my awesome future sister-in-law for dinner and some quality time. They fed us some delicious steak, potatoes, shrimp, salad and asparagus!!! I can not wait until we get a house and can invite our family over! Our apartment is just so small and we only have one couch!! Which is why we are looking at some houses this week possibly...all outside of town within a 20 min drive to the hospital and David's work. All with some property and already fenced, which is very important. Since fencing can be such a large expense it would be great to already have it. I'm super excited and praying that if we find a place we can find someone to sublease our apartment. 

Then Saturday we went to visit David's Dad. And coincidentally they were cooking steak for dinner too! So we had steak, potatoes, and lima beans (which by the way is my favorite veggie!!). We also went and signed the contract for our reception venue and took lots of pictures to make it easier to have an idea of how to decorate and table arrangements. And we secured a date and time and rooms for our rehearsal. Then we played Yahtzee until 3 am and drank lots of.....drinks. ;-)
 Sunday we woke up and had a fantastic breakfast waiting for us thanks to Davids' Dad's girlfriend....then we visited David's Nana and Papa and got to meet his new little cousin, who by the way was absolutely the most adorable baby. Then we took our tails home and caught up on Falling Skies which is one of the best shows on right now, but is now over for a year!!! :-(
 Then we had left over steak (3 nights in a row), eggs, and toast for dinner...
So all in all this weekend was wonderful...I love being with family and David. I have a feeling this week may be one of my last weeks to really try to enjoy before I hopefully get offered a job and start getting really busy. So I'm taking this opportunity to really start finishing up on wedding planning. I want to make a list of all the DIY things I need to do and all the items I need to do them. It shouldn't be too hard and in a weird way I'm kind of excited to do least until I start it then I will get frustrated over something stupid. And tomorrow is my first home visit to see a patient!!! Hopefully I get one or two more visits this week. And I'm going to see The Help Wednesday with my wonderful MOH and my poor kitty Amaya is getting declawed Wednesday..... :'( So this week will keep me busy with plenty of down time Friday I'm sure...

I'm going to be using some of theses as inspirations when I make my list...since I'm talking about it.. :-D

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