Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's OK...

It's OK that I spent WAY too much money today shopping for the house...I get paid tomorrow.

It's OK that I still haven't finished unpacking completely, I still need a new desk and bookcases to unpack all my "office" and school crap. 

It's OK that everything is not perfect in our house yet, the yard isn't exactly the way I want it, the walls are not the perfect colors for me, and the kitchen floor isn't what I wanted, but I'm HAPPY. I LOVE it here, and things worth having take time.

It's OK that I still have so much to do for the wedding 03/31/2012
~finish centerpeices
~buy the rest of my linens and plates, utensils, etc...
~Oh and pay for the church, reception venue, etc...but it is reserved! 

It's OK that I work ALL this weekend, four nights in a row and that I am going to be exhausted on Tuesday and want to sleep all the way until I go back to work Wednesday night!

It's OK that I suck at keeping up with blogging, but  I am going to make a conscious effort to do better now...

And it's OK that I have not bought one single present yet....

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